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Francisco José López

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Research Interests
Human learning, causal inference, associative learning, diagnostic reasoning, computacional modelling of cognitive processes, human factors in aviation 

Selected Publications

Morís, J., Barberia, I., Vadillo, M. A., Andrades, A. & López F. J. (2017). Slower reacquisition after partial extinction in human contingency learning. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, & and Cognition, 43, 81-93.

López, F. J., Alonso, R. & Luque, D. (2016). Rapid top-down control of behaviour due to propositional knowledge in human associative learning. PlosOne, 11 (11), e0167115.

Morís, J., Cobos, P. L., Luque, D. & López, F. J. (2014). Associative repetition priming as a measure of human contingency learning: Evidence of forward and backward blocking. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 143, 77-93.

Shanks, D. R., López, F. J., Darby, R. J., & Dickinson, A. (1996). Distinguishing associative and probabilistic contrast theories of human contingency judgment. In D. R. Shanks, K. J. Holyoak & D. L. Medin (Eds.), The psychology of Learning and Motivation (Vol. 34, pp. 265-312). San Diego, California: Academic Press.

López, F. J., Shanks, D. R., Almaraz, J., & Fernández, P. (1998). Effects of trial order on contingency judgments: a comparison of associative and probabilistic contrast accounts. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 24, 672-694.

López, F.J., & Shanks, D.R. (2008). Models of animal learning and their relations to human learning. In R. Sun (Ed.) Handbook of computational cognitive modelling (pp. 589-611). Cambridge, MA.: Cambridge University Press.